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Compensation for an amputated or lost limb

Amputation compensation claims

Managing your life after amputation can be challenging for you and for those around you. Our team of specialist injury lawyers are experienced in amputation compensation claims and will support you in the immediate aftermath of the injury and assist you to plan for your life thereafter.

What our injury lawyers can do for you?

If you are entitled to amputation compensation we will liaise with third party insurers and arrange for an independent immediate-needs assessment as soon as possible. This can result in swift alterations to your home and the supply of suitable equipment to enable you to quickly return to independently managing your life.
In most cases interim payments that help alleviate financial hardship and allow you to concentrate on your recuperation and rehabilitation can also be obtained at an early stage.

We have developed relationships with leading experts and barristers in the field through our experience with various types of lower and upper limb amputation injury. In order to fully investigate the consequences of the injury on your life and maximise the value of compensation due to you, we generally need to involve some of the following experts:

  • Orthopaedic Surgeon
  • Consultant Psychiatrist
  • Prosthetic Expert
  • Architect (in respect of home alterations)
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Rehabilitation Specialist
  • Employment Consultant

Assistance with your prostheses

The level of NHS prosthetic provision nationally is patchy.

For maximum mobility and comfort you are entitled to state of the art prosthetic provision both for everyday life activities and leisure and sporting activities (cycling, swimming or skiing for example).

Various types of prostheses are available according to the type and level of amputation. The foremost concern is comfort of the socket, followed by the function of the limb and the type of finish required.

We can assist you in choosing a supplier, and ensure that all the costs – for fitting, supply, maintenance and future replacements – are paid by the third party insurer. The costs linked to prostheses are considerable therefore this is a central issue in maximising your future comfort, mobility and, if appropriate, confidence in the cosmetic appearance of the artificial limb.

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Recent event – Life after limb loss, amputation training day 2016

Our 2016 amputation training day, life after limb loss, was held in conjunction with 12 King’s Bench Walk and Meningitis Research Foundation. You can view the video about our event below:

Previous amputation training day videos

In the last three years we have held amputation training days for those working in the amputation field, in conjunction with our co-sponsor 12 Kings Bench Walk and in 2014 with Meningitis Research Foundation.
We have raised money for Port-er, Reach and Meningitis Research Foundation at these three events.

16 October 2014 – shorter film

Event sponsored by Ottobock, Ossur and Dorset Orthopaedic.

16 October 2014 – longer film

Event sponsored by Ottobock, Ossur and Dorset Orthopaedic.

6 June 2013

31 May 2012

We are proud to have been appointed to the Limbloss Legal Panel for the South West.

We would be very happy to assist you on any amputation related matters.

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