Surgical negligence compensation claims - surgery table

Surgical negligence compensation claims

Surgical claims – when things go wrong in the operating theatre

Undergoing surgery is often daunting and traumatic even when everything goes smoothly. If things do not go according to plan and result in failed surgery, the need for further surgery, prolonged recovery or even ongoing or permanent injury, the result for the patient and the patient’s loved ones can be devastating.

Patients undergoing operations can fall victim to surgical errors resulting from faulty equipment or error on behalf of the operating surgeon or anaesthetist.

Sometimes surgeons can cause damage to adjoining organs during an operation or their instruments come into contact with blood vessels and cause a haemorrhage. Whilst these complications are not always due to medical negligence, in many cases they should not occur and are entirely avoidable.

General surgery errors

We have considerable experience of bringing successful compensation claims arising from surgical errors and surgical complications. Examples include hernia repair surgery; gallbladder surgery (known as “cholecystectomy”), bowel surgery (to treat such conditions as colitis, diverticulitis and cancer), vascular surgery (including surgery for peripheral vascular disease, varicose veins), cardiothoracic surgery and neurosurgery (including spinal surgery).

Anaesthetic errors

Other surgical errors may involve the administration of anaesthetic. When patients suffer anaesthetic awareness or drug administration errors, the effects can sometimes be devastating.

Plastic surgery claims

Another common area where surgical negligence claims arise is plastic surgery. In recent years, a burgeoning private plastic surgery industry has developed in the UK. Whilst the vast majority of practitioners provide treatment to a high standard, unfortunately there are an increasing number of surgeons who fail to exercise reasonable care and skill.

We have acted for patients who have undergone breast augmentation or breast reduction surgery which has failed to achieve the intended result, and also for patients who have undergone facial plastic surgery (rhinoplasty, eye-lifts) and who have suffered an unacceptable outcome.

In successful cases, we are often able to recover the original cost of the surgery which went wrong, as well as costs in relation to remedial surgery and other out of pocket expenses. Negligent surgery is a traumatic and upsetting experience.

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