Spinal injury compensation

Orthopaedic and bone injury claims

Hip and knee replacements claims

With an aging population, ever more active in later life and with expectations that medical treatment will enable continued levels of activity, the prevalence of joint replacement surgery has increased significantly. Hip replacements and knee replacements are almost considered routine surgery but in reality remain major operations with potentially serious complications. Use of the wrong replacement joint (“prosthetic”), the wrong size prosthetic, a wrongly positioned prosthetic, the incidence of infection are all outcomes which may give rise to lifelong difficulties and potentially can result in a medical negligence claim.

Elective surgery for hip or knee replacements give rise to a series of potential problems but those problems may be far more complex where the surgery is an urgent necessity, following a fall. Ensuring that the surgeon is sufficiently experienced to deal with situation that the extent of the injury is fully understood and the condition of the bone is sufficient to withstand a replacement joint all need to be carefully considered.

Spine injury compensation

It is not only the more mature in our society who may suffer orthopaedic injury. Surgical errors in spinal surgery may occur in any age group and may have devastating consequences. Tetraplegia (the loss of use of all four limbs) or paraplegia can result from negligent treatment of the spine or indeed from a failure to treat spinal conditions. Compensation in such cases, where a surgical negligence claim can be established, is significant as the amount needed to provide long term care to a patient no longer able to care for themselves can run into millions of pounds in some cases.

Missed fracture claims

When a fracture occurs there is a narrow window of opportunity to diagnose and fix a bone injury to ensure proper healing. Missing this window can result in lifelong deformities and consequential financial losses.

We have pursued many successful missed fracture compensation claims where fractures have been missed on x-ray, or have not been properly treated and fixed.

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