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Eye surgery compensation claims

Compensation claims arising from ophthalmic and laser eye surgery treatment are, by their very nature, often devastating. The resulting complications can detrimentally affect eyesight and quality of life, and can also affect independence.

Surgical errors during routine eye surgery

Some cases arise from complications during routine surgery, for example cataracts.

It is important that care is taken not to injure the delicate area of the eye because often damage cannot be repaired or reversed.

There are also some procedures that carry routine risks and these potential problems should be explained adequately to patients at the outset.

We have experience of surgical negligence claims for patients who have suffered retinal detachment which was not diagnosed and repaired in time resulting in permanent loss of vision and also for a neuro-ophthalmology patient whose brain tumour was not diagnosed and treated in time resulting in permanent loss of sight.

Laser eye surgery compensation claims

In recent years, an increasing number of providers are carrying out laser eye surgery. It is advertised as a relatively inexpensive and a permanent fix for patients with long or short-sightedness who wish to be free from wearing glasses or contact lenses.

When performed properly, the results are generally very satisfactory. However, LASEK / LASIK laser eye surgery is not without risks and potential side effects. A patient ought to have the risks properly and fully explained so that an informed decision can be taken as to whether to proceed with treatment. In the rare event that the operative technique does fall below an acceptable standard, there can be devastating results, including reduced vision or, in extreme cases, functional blindness.

We have acted for many Claimants who have suffered from surgical mistakes during laser eye surgery. We have successfully recovered compensation for injuries and the costs of future remedial treatment (such as replacement contact lenses/glasses).

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