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Dental negligence claims

With the ever decreasing provision of NHS dentistry in the UK, many patients are now paying privately for expensive dental treatments. On occasion, a patient will suffer a poor outcome of treatment and be left with either a costly bill for remedial treatment or, worse still, a problem which cannot be rectified. At other times, patients may have been advised to undergo painful and expensive treatment unnecessarily. Cosmetic dental treatment is also increasingly common. It is costly and sometimes does not yield satisfactory results.

We have represented Claimants who have received unnecessary dental treatment, suffered failed dental implants, bridgework, crowns and veneers as well as negligent root canal treatment (resulting in the loss of healthy teeth). In some cases, patients have suffered nerve damage when undergoing dental treatment which affects their ability to eat properly or feel hot and cold.

In a successful dental compensation claim for dental negligence, we recover damages for your pain and suffering as well as reimbursement of your dental expenses and the costs of remedial treatment into the future. If dental negligence is responsible for you losing a tooth which now requires crowning, implants or bridgework, the future costs of this for the rest of your lifetime can be significant. We would hope to recover the future costs for you in the event your dental claim is successful.

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