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Appointing a professional Deputy

If you lose capacity before making a power of attorney and are no longer able to take decisions yourself, the Court of Protection will appoint a Deputy to act on your behalf.

Sometimes there is no-one who is suitable or available to act as the Deputy for someone lacking capacity.  Family members may find the management of a large compensation award overwhelming or daunting, or they may not be able to agree on who should manage a relative’s finances. There may be no-one who is available or willing to act as a Deputy, especially in the case of elderly people who have no children or close relatives who can take on this responsibility.

In these situations, appointing a professional Deputy can provide a solution.

Anthony Fairweather is regularly appointed by the court as Deputy for children and adults who cannot manage their own financial affairs.  He acts for a broad range of clients, both young and old, across the country.

Please contact us if you would like to appoint Anthony as a Deputy.