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Acting as a Deputy

Acting as a Deputy for another person carries a lot of responsibility.  When you are acting as a Deputy for a loved one you want to do the best for your child or relative, but the questions and concerns can quickly mount up:  How do I set up and arrange a care team?  Should we instruct a financial advisor?  What type of financial qualifications should that advisor have?  What steps do I need to take if the person I am representing needs to move house?  What can I properly spend the compensation award on?

Being able to call on an experienced Deputy who can give practical help and advice can provide invaluable peace of mind.  As well as acting as a Deputy himself, Anthony Fairweather is able to advise family members who have taken on this important role on these questions and many others.  If you need this type of support and advice please contact us.

Once you have been appointed as a Deputy there are a number of steps that you will have to be take to make sure the day to day management of that person’s financial affairs are protected and run smoothly. It will be important, for instance, that:

  • The insurance on their property is reviewed to see if it is still valid i.e. are there new conditions if the property is empty that need to be complied with?
  • Any available exemptions, allowances or benefits are applied for i.e. Council Tax Relief
  • A dedicated Deputy bank account is set up.
  • Financial institutions such as banks and building societies are notified
  • Any available care funding is applied for i.e. NHS Continuing Healthcare funding
  • A tax return is completed
  • The Office of the Public Guardian return is completed and lodged
  • The Land Registry is informed in relation to the involvement of the Court of Protection.

This is not an exhaustive list.  We can assist by advising you on the steps you should be taking.  If you need our help, just ask.