Our Buying & Selling Your Home Expertise Expertise

Moving home is one of the biggest decisions you make and the legal process can be daunting.

When you instruct us to take care of your sale or purchase you will be assigned your own lawyer who will be your first point of contact and look after you throughout the course of the whole matter. We will take clear instructions from you at the start so that we can tailor our service to your own individual needs.

If you prefer to have face to face meetings we can cater for this or you may wish to deal with everything by e-mail. You may like to communicate by text or telephone. Whatever your needs we can meet them, making the conveyancing process as easy for you as possible.

At each stage of the transaction we will update you on what is happening with your transaction.  We will let you know about the work we are carrying out and if we require any information from you. We will keep in mind your expected timescales and endeavour to meet these, keeping you informed of progress at regular intervals. We will return all telephone calls quickly and certainly on the same day.

We will give you full and clear details of the financial elements of the matter and advise you in good time when payments are required.

We support you on your moving day by communicating with you as much as possible so that you remain fully informed of the process and thus feel confident in the knowledge that the legal work is being dealt with so you can concentrate on moving house.

Finally, we will deal with the registration of your Property and will forward you all of the documents in relation to your new property which completes the process.  If you wish we can keep your deeds and documents in our secure storage, which is a free service for our clients.

We can also help you with any extra legal work which follows on from your sale or purchase, such as the drawing up of a will or tax planning advice. Clarke Willmott has the specialist expertise to deal with all of your legal needs.

Transfer of the Ownership of Your Home

Due to differing personal circumstances you may require the legal ownership of your home to be changed into different names altogether, into one name or maybe you will wish to add names.

This can be a simple process just involving a straight transfer into new names or it could be complex where a Lender is involved or there is a Court of Protection Order, for example.

Some issues relating to such transfers could be contentious or sensitive and we have the experience to deal with each case individually and again in line with each clients needs.

We also have specialist lawyers who can advise on the other issues which may arise as a result of such a transfer such as capital gains tax, inheritance planning and elderly care.

Equity Release Schemes

These schemes have become a popular way to raise capital in our later years. Where older couples may not want to move home but have their monies tied up in that home they may look to release these funds by way of Equity Release.

The chosen Lender will release an agreed sum of money and place a charge against the Property equal to this sum plus whatever their interest rate may be. This releases funds to the owner of the Property and allows them to remain in their property. When the property comes to be sold the sum of money will be paid back to the Lender out of the proceeds of sale.

We have the expertise to guide our clients through the process providing all round advice on all aspects of legal care at this stage of life.

Re-mortgaging Your Home

You may be mortgaging your home for the first time or taking out a mortgage with a new lender.

Your personally assigned lawyer will guide you step by step through the process advising you of your Lenders requirements and what we need to do to meet those requirements.

As soon as we receive your Mortgage Offer we will be able to identify your lenders requirements and will report to you fully in this respect checking that you are happy with everything.

Once we have met these requirements we will be able to sign the documentation and proceed to complete your new mortgage and register the same against your Property.

Buying & Selling your Home Expertise

Buying and selling your home has become a fast moving process. We have the expertise and experience to look after our clients by providing a quality service with excellent communication and practical legal advice.