Notary services

Notary Services

What is the role of a notary public?

Typically if you need our notarial services you will have been told to get something “notarised” by a foreign lawyer or public authority. Our role is to ensure that:

  1. you understand what it is you are being asked to do; and
  2. to authenticate who you are and what is said in the document.

Notarisation is often required for international commercial documents. In such cases we need to verify the authority of the company, its directors or other authorised personnel before authenticating the relevant document.  We are also frequently asked to assist in obtaining NIE numbers for use in the purchase of Spanish properties.

We are not a rubber stamping exercise and our careful authentication is the key to our services and enables foreign lawyers to trust that anything that has been notarised in this country can be relied upon.

Often as well as us notarising the document it will also need to have an Apostille attached (essentially a certificate by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office that our seal and signature are the genuine seal and signature of a notary). Depending on the country the document may also need to be legalised by the consulate of that country as well. We can arrange all of that for you.

Clarke Willmott Notaries

We are able to provide notarial services through our affiliated notarial practice Clarke Willmott Notaries (which consists of three partners who are also partners in Clarke Willmott). When we provide notarial services it is through that separate practice which is regulated by the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury rather than the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

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Our notaries are “resident” in our Taunton (Somerset) and Southampton (Hampshire) offices but we can usually provide notary services in Bristol, Birmingham, Newbury & London with a little notice.

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