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Trade mark registration

A trade mark is a sign capable of distinguishing the goods or services of one enterprise from those of other enterprises. Trade marks are a key form of intellectual property right.

Our trade mark prosecution practice registers trade marks in the United Kingdom and European Union (EU). We also file trade marks throughout the world via both the Madrid system for the international registration of trade marks and also though our network of affiliated foreign firms.

A European Union trade mark, (EUTM), formerly known as a Community trade mark (CTM) will protect your trade mark in all of the EU Member States. As a EUTM protects your trade mark in the 28 EU member states via a single registration, it is ideal if your business trades in the wider EU, or you are thinking of expanding your operations to other EU member states in the future.

Whilst registering a trade mark can seem a straightforward process, the legal intricacies especially when problems arise can be complex.

Further, before beginning the process of trade mark registration, it is wise to conduct a trade mark clearance search to ensure that you are aware of any third party rights which may restrict the use and/or registration of your chosen trade mark.

You will also need to decide which classes you would like to register your trade mark in. There are 45 classes covering both goods and services and the choice of classifications will be key to the protection the trade mark will attract.

Contact a trade mark lawyer

Our intellectual property lawyers can assist you in:

  • Filing trade marks in the UK, EU and internationally
  • Advising on trade mark registrability
  • Conducting trade mark clearance searches
  • Dealing with any official objections or third party oppositions which may prevent the registration of your trade mark
  • Advising on filing strategies and whether to file trade marks via the Madrid system or directly in each country of interest
  • Setting up trade mark watch services, to monitor applications and alert you to trade marks filed by third parties which may conflict with your own.

We also offer advice and representation in cases of trade mark infringement, whether you are accused of infringing someone else’s trade mark or someone is infringing yours.

Our lawyers are always happy to have a free initial chat. To learn more about how we can help you register and protect your trade mark, you can contact Roy Crozier or Susan Hall directly using the details given on their profile pages, or by calling 0800 652 8025.

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