Our Health & Safety Expertise

The Regulatory Team is made up of two Partners, one Senior Associate and one Solicitor.  All of the team deal with their own advocacy or on occasions will instruct Counsel if cases are complex.  The principal practitioner in this area is Tim Hayden, a former Senior Partner of this firm who is a Deputy Coroner for West Somerset and a Deputy Traffic Commissioner for the Western Traffic Area.

Advice on health & safety requirements & compliance checks

Advisory services – this covers preparation of health and safety policies, health and safety statements, or any other documents which are either required or are advisory to demonstrate compliance with health and safety requirements.  Where premises or working practices carry particular risk we advise on the legal precautions to be taken and the signage or warning notices that might be required to avoid accidents.

Advice on representation in interviews by Investigating Authorities

Work done in connection with investigations and interviews – we regularly advise clients prior to any formal steps being taken. This will include the reporting requirements which apply in the case of accidents at work, the way in which any initial discussions with Enforcement Authorities should be handled and in particular dealing with either requests for formal interviews or the interviews themselves.  There is no doubt at all that the way which these matters are handled are of critical importance and often they will be the difference between being prosecuted and not being prosecuted.

Representation in Court proceedings

The representation at Court – we have an experienced team of Advocates, 3 of whom have Right of Audience to appear in the Crown Court.  We appear in Magistrates’ Courts and Crown Courts all over the South of England and are very familiar in dealing with the panel of firms who are instructed to prosecute health and safety cases.  Where necessary we will instruct Counsel if cases are complicated and justify representation by Barristers. If this is the case then we have a small group of Barristers who are themselves specialists in this field and with whom we work on a regular basis.

Representation in Inquests

Representation at Inquests – we regularly appear before Coroners in connection with fatal accidents at work.  Our instructions cover employers most of the time, but also other interested parties who are required to give evidence at Inquests. The relationship between Coroners, Inquiries and criminal proceedings is complex and we invariably advise those at risk of prosecution to ensure that they are represented at the Inquest stage.