Our Debt Recovery Expertise

Unfortunately, whatever your industry, you will encounter individuals or businesses who fail to pay on time. As a specialist debt recovery team we have the expertise, technology and experience to provide a complete collections service from cradle to grave.

Cases can be monitored by you through our secure web based extranet meaning that you can have instant access to the current position on your debts day or night.  In addition, regular management information can be provided to support any internal or audit or regulatory requirements you may have.

Quite simply, our aim is to try to ensure recovery of your debt quickly, transparently and at least cost to you.

Pre-legal Collection

Whether you wish us to review a single case to advise on recovery prospects, undertake telephone collection, negotiation, volume letter cycles or send individual one-off demands we can help.  We want to understand your business to ensure that we provide a specific solution to your needs.  All our clients have different needs and differing goals. Ultimately though they want to achieve the same end result: the recovery of their debt.

Our legal experts can provide practical advice on the way forward where complex issues arise. For more straightforward debt collection our Case Management System can quickly be tailored to suit your business and cases are normally opened and initial letters sent within one working day of receipt.  Our Case Management System allows us to claim on your behalf contractual, statutory or Late Payment Interest and charges as part of that process, where you are entitled to do so.

Issuing County Court Proceedings

If a defence is received we will provide you with tactical advice, success prospects, an overview of the next steps and likely costs, with most Small Claims being undertaken on a fixed fee basis.  Where possible, we will use Summary Judgment to bring the matter to a swift conclusion if the Defence has no real prospect of success. If that is not an option we will act for you in mediation and through to trial including preparation of witness statements and instructing counsel when required.


Unfortunately, having a Judgment in your favour does not automatically mean payment will be received.  In the majority of cases that proceed through to Judgment it will be necessary to take enforcement action to recover the monies due to you.

What action is appropriate depends on a number of factors including size of debt, what information is known about the debtor, whether the debtor is a business or individual, or if the debtor owns a property. Our team of experts can advise you what action they believe is appropriate depending upon the individual circumstances of the case whether it be:-

  • Securing the debt by way of Charging Order.
  • Issuing a Third Party Debt Order where it is known the debtor is owed money himself/is thought to have a bank account in credit.
  • Warrant of Execution in the County Court.
  • Instructing the High Court Enforcement Officer.
  • Attachment of Earnings.
  • Applying for an Information Order to gain more knowledge of the debtor’s personal circumstances under oath.

Payment plan monitoring

As businesses and individuals alike feel the strain of the economy, sometimes the only practical way forward is to consider accepting a payment arrangement.  It is important that any proposal to pay by instalments is realistic for all parties involved. Our debt recovery team have the skills to negotiate settlement agreements on your behalf, including collecting the proper evidence from the debtor to support the offer made.

Once a payment plan has been agreed (or if plans are already in place on referral) our Case Management System is set up on each individual matter to monitor receipt of payment.  Depending on the stage of the case and any specific instructions from you, the system can be programmed to chase for any missed payments at agreed timescales and proceed to the next action promptly if payment is not received.

Insolvency action

Our team can advise you where they believe that Insolvency Action may be the best way forward.  Insolvency Regulation can be complex and the process time critical.  We have expertise and experience of issuing Statutory Demands and Insolvency Petitions against individuals, Companies and Partnerships on an individual and volume basis.  We have established working relationships with process servers, presentation agents, hearing agents/Counsel and Insolvency Practitioners to be able to provide a complete service right through to post insolvency monitoring.

Recovery & credit control advice

The key to successful collection can be dependent upon what happens in the early stages of the client/customer relationship.   “Know Your Customer” may sound like an aged cliché but the information you obtain about your customer at the outset remains your most important tool when that relationship breaks down.

Our team can provide practical advice and training on managing customers and the credit control process in order to improve collectability of debt and in turn reduce the need to resort to legal action.