Contractual Disputes

Contractual Disputes

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Almost every transaction in our business or personal lives involves a contract of some sort. Whether we are buying or selling goods or services, we all enter into contracts on a daily basis. Sometimes things go wrong.

A customer may refuse to pay or you may have reservations about the quality of the goods or services you have received. You may disagree over the terms of the contract or you may not even agree that a contract exists. The one thing that is certain is that nobody expects things to go wrong from the outset.

Managing those sorts of disputes can pose some interesting challenges. A fall out with a key customer or supplier can have a catastrophic impact on your and their business, so it is critical to maintain that relationship even with an ongoing dispute. Likewise, a dispute may have an impact on your reputation and name in the market. If managed right, however, the resolution of a dispute can serve to strengthen business relationships and open up new opportunities.

The cost of litigation and its impact on cash flow is a daunting prospect for a business of any size, not to mention your time and that of your staff. We understand this and factor the commercial realities of each dispute into our advice.

We provide focussed legal analysis and robust strategic advice on how to steer a dispute towards the resolution that is right for the client, whether that is through negotiation or by a court’s decision at trial.

The sooner you address a problem, however, the more likely you are to avoid a dispute altogether. We recommend that you establish your contractual position at the earliest possible stage because a small fee at the outset can often save a great deal of heartache and cost at a later stage.