Chinese Legal Services

Chinese Legal Services

With a growth estimated by the World Bank at 7.2% in 2009, the Chinese economy continues to outstrip all other countries. Producing goods for export, but with an increasingly affluent domestic market, it is little wonder that both Chinese and foreign companies are looking to develop business links and opportunities.

How can we help

Clarke Willmott has always believed in building links and helping clients to grow their business, we don’t just resolve legal problems. This philosophy led to the creation of a possibly unique way of working with UK companies looking to trade in China and for Chinese firms and their legal advisers who are looking to invest and develop overseas.

Working in China

For a company looking to work or invest in China it becomes apparent very quickly just how large and diverse the economy is. Having a law firm in one city may not be enough and local knowledge and expertise can be far more important when looking at sourcing or selling goods or services into the country.

Clarke Willmott has developed a network of Chinese law firms across the country that can provide the local business and legal expertise a company needs. From initial discussions in the UK, through to support at a local level in China, we can provide high levels of service, combined with the cost savings and benefits of using local firms.

Our clients are finding this network of local legal expertise and support gives them the best opportunity to benefit from operating in China, having access to combined UK and Chinese legal expertise.

Working in partnership

Through our links with law firms across China, we are able to help their clients when they have legal issues or requirements when investing and trading in the UK, whilst we can utilise our network when our clients are looking for local legal support and guidance in any area of China.

So for businesses looking to trade in China, or for Chinese firms and their legal advisers looking for advice and support in the UK we can help with the complete range of legal issues, including corporate and commercial, litigation, insolvency and real estate. Advice and support can be provided in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.

Working with Chinese lawyers

As the Chinese economy continues to grow, increasing numbers of Chinese firms are now looking to invest and develop their businesses overseas. At the same time, the recent economic slowdown has also made Chinese businesses and their legal advisers aware of the problems that can occur when a client overseas ceases trading or fails to pays bills.

With our knowledge of the Chinese market and growing panel of Chinese speaking lawyers, we are ideally placed to help resolve legal issues in the UK. Whether looking to acquire a business, negotiate a contract or chase unpaid bills, we work closely with the Chinese lawyers to help them gain the best legal outcome for their clients.

As a national UK law firm, we can offer a complete legal service to Chinese law firms and their clients. From the initial acquisition or formation of a company through to the ongoing legal issues that can face a company operating in the UK, we can provide fast and prompt advice from lawyers who understand the culture and issues facing Chinese firms expanding and trading in the UK.