47 emails too many!

The Land Registry publishes 83 helpful online practice guides, aimed at the conveyancing profession, each covering different areas of law and practice relating to land registration.

This afternoon I received no less than 47 separate “email alerts” from You.Gov about 47 of them. Each of these alerts, once deciphered, told me that one or more internet links had been added to them. Links to what, I hear you ask? The Delphic answer to that question is: “Link to the advice we offer added”.

So far as I’ve been able to see, now that the previous versions have been removed, all that’s been added is links to other Land Registry practice guides.

Why it was either necessary or desirable to fill the email inboxes of every conveyancing lawyer in the land with this deluge of non-information is, I suspect, a question to which we’ll never get a sensible answer. But you don’t have to be much of a cynic to believe that someone somewhere is being paid on a performance-related basis linked to the number of email “alerts” You.Gov sends to its subscribers.

This isn’t the Land Registry’s fault. It has better things to do. Having down-sized to accommodate the recession, it is still struggling with a long backlog of applications, now that the market has turned; despite recruiting earlier this year.

Oh, help! Maybe tomorrow I’ll get 40 more emails imparting the same equally useless information about the other 40 practice guides.