Will the drink drive limit be lowered?

Less fatal road traffic collisions?

In the last week the House of Lords began the process of reading a Bill, which if enacted would ultimately mean the drink drive limit would become consistent over the whole of the United Kingdom. Scotland already has a limit of 50mg alcohol in 100ml of blood, and a Bill was recently passed for Northern Ireland which will have the same effect. However, England & Wales currently have a limit of 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood, but the Bill if passed into law by Parliament will reduce that down to 50mg.

A report undertaken by the RAC Foundation which looked at road accident statistics after the introduction of the lower limit in Scotland estimated that about 25 lives could have been saved if England and Wales had the same lower limit.

The proposed change to the law has received support from a number of groups, including the Alcohol Health Alliance, a number of Police and Crime Commissioners and RAC has asked Government to listen to motorists and noted that in their 2015 Report over 50% of motorists supported a reduction in the alcohol limit.

If the RAC Foundation report is right, and 25 lives would have been saved, and there would have been less accidents causing death or serious injury as a result of a lower limit, then it is to be hoped that the Bill will become law and alongside better education, enforcement and promoting a culture where drinking and driving are unacceptable, then it is possible that such tragic incidents can become a thing of the past.