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Walk This Way – Priscilla Sutton And The Spare Parts Exhibition

Priscilla Sutton – Prosthetics As Art!

To coincide with the paralympic games, Priscilla Sutton is bringing her unique art exhibition all the way from Brisbane to London. The exhibition, entitled Spare Parts, is about pre loved prosthetic limbs being turned into modern works of art. Legs are painted, joints have large metal abstract pieces attached, hands are wrapped in fabric and flowers are glued on to create unique and unusual artworks.

Pink prosthetic foot Patience Hodgson – A Venutian Leg Up

Priscilla, born in Australia, had an elective amputation in 2005 after being diagnosed with a worsening bone condition. She was just 26. When speaking about that time, Priscilla notes that dealing with the removed limb is often a taboo subject. Deciding to give her leg a proper cremation gave Priscilla a form of closure and suitable ending to something that had always been a part of her life.

Priscilla herself has two limbs decorated to suit different activities. Her sports limb is wrapped in brightly coloured Japanese fabric; her everyday leg has been transformed into an artistic piece produced by Mark Ryden. Any superseded limbs can then be used as decorative items in her home, stopping them from just becoming discarded waste.

The exhibition in London will feature a few of the original Australian pieces and be accompanied by many more artworks created by artists such as: Andrew Logan, Beastman, Dan Hillier, Elisa Jane Carmichael and Henry Hate and Louis Molloy. Featuring works from comic books artists, tattooists, painters and sculptors, the idea of what is art has been expanded even further.

The limbs used in the exhibition were mainly sourced form the NHS, donating old and unused body parts. Some artists have actually used a prosthetic arm or hand to actually paint the piece itself. Using such an unusual canvas must have presented quite a challenge to the artists but looking at the previews on the Spare Parts website you can see that truly beautiful and intricate pieces have been produced.

Green prosthetic arm and hand Anthony Lister – Screaming Arm

With so much support being offered to this project, countless donations and sponsorship money being generated, here is hoping that this is only the start of a world wide tour.

The exhibition itself is running from 25 August 2012 to 9 September 2012 at the Rag Factory, Brick Lane, London.

Spare parts exhibition poster