Road safety – results of festive anti drink drive campaign released

The results of the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) 2015 festive period enforcement campaign have been announced – demonstrating the police approach to road safety in detecting drink and drug driving in December 2015.

Police forces across the United Kingdom adopted an intelligence led approach – targeting what are described as “drink drive hotspots”, with a view to catching as many dangerous motorists as possible and as part of the campaign to deter drink and drug driving.

Last Christmas saw a particular focus on drug driving – and as a result of new legislation and drug detection devices – it has become easier for the police to bring dangerous drug drivers before the Courts, where in the majority of cases such drivers are banned and taken off the road. During the December initiative 1,888 drug screening tests were performed by the police, and a worrying statistic emerged – that almost 50% of those tested were found to be under the influence of drugs – and that figure was higher than drug driving detection for the whole of 2014.

Further evidence of the success of the intelligence led approach is found in the results for drink driving where 110,226 tests were performed in 2015, and just over 5% proved positive – this compared to a much higher number of tests in all of the proceeding three years – but with lower percentages of positive tests resulting.

The NPCC also reported some further positive news for road safety in that they concluded that under 25s have responded to the anti drink drive message with the majority of young drivers avoiding alcohol when taking to the roads.

Philip Edwards, Serious Injury expert at Clarke Willmott said:-

When you experience the terrible and tragic effects that drink and drug driving can bring about – where crashes occur and innocent people are killed or seriously injured – it is encouraging to see that the intelligence led approach of the police is effectively targeting those who choose to put others at risk by getting behind the wheel whilst under the influence of drink or drugs. Anything that takes such drivers off the road, or even more importantly deters them from driving whilst under the influence is to be welcomed”

The intelligence led approach from the police will continue throughout the year, with further high profile campaigns planned for the summer and for the next festive period.