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Prostate Cancer Research “lagging”

Lack of research into the prevention and treatment of prostate cancer

Prostate Cancer UK is launching a campaign to improve funding for research.

Despite the fact that prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer for men in the UK, it ranks 20th in the research funding league table.  For every prostate cancer patient, £417 is spent annually on research. By contrast, the most common female cancer (breast cancer) spends £853 per patient per annum on research.

Prostate cancer is predicted to be the UK’s most common cancer by 2030. Charities say that not enough is being done to research the prevention, causes, diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer.

Rates of the cancer have been rising steadily in recent decades, partly because men are living longer (and cancer risks increase with age), and also because more cancers are being detected through widespread use of PSA testing. This is a simple blood test which can be performed by a GP surgery to check for raised hormone levels which are suggestive of cancer.

A significant number of prostate cancer patients respond well to treatment and the survival prospects are actually good when compared with other types of cancer. However, early diagnosis and treatment is crucial.

We have acted for many patients who have suffered the consequences of delayed diagnosis of cancer. Should you or any family member need advice or guidance on making a claim relating to the treatment of cancer, please contact a member of our specialist medical negligence team.