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Police enquiry launched into “unnecessary or inappropriate” breast surgery performed at the Solihull Hospital

Police have now launched a criminal enquiry into breast surgery performed by Mr Ian Stuart Paterson at the Solihull Hospital.

In 2007, a review of breast surgery services provided through Solihull Hospital, identified some concerns in relation to a surgical technique being used by Mr Paterson to treat some patients following breast cancer. The technique involved performing the mastectomy and leaving behind a small amount of residual breast tissue to assist in providing an improved cleavage for the patient. The review highlighted that this was not a usual procedure and that Mr Paterson had failed to follow the appropriate guidelines to introduce this new technique. After consideration the Trust concluded that the technique was not appropriate and it was therefore stopped.

Between July 2011 and October 2012 Mr Patterson was placed under investigation and conditions were placed on his registration with the General Medical Council (GMC). One of the conditions was that he was not permitted to undertake breast surgery. On 29 October 2012 the GMC suspended Mr Paterson’s right to practice, pending the outcome of the GMC enquiry into his conduct.

West Midlands police have now confirmed that it has launched a criminal inquiry and that they are liaising with the Crown Prosecution Service.

If you would like any further advice in relation to surgery performed under the care of Mr Paterson or have any concerns regarding breast surgery, please contact the medical negligence team.