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Law Society hard-hitting Personal Injury campaign

Poster with a picture of a man with facial bruises and a bandage around his head

A bold new advertising campaign by the Law Society focuses on the benefits to personal injury claimants of getting proper legal advice, a message we wholeheartedly support.

The six-week campaign ‘deliberately takes a bold, humorous and memorable approach to convey an important message’, the Law Society says.

The ‘Don’t Get Mugged’ campaign will feature posters on public transport and in stations, radio advertising, online advertising and a YouTube video.

Desmond Hudson, chief executive of the Law Society, said: ‘This campaign doesn’t pull any punches, but we need to make a clear message: see your solicitor, don’t accept the insurers’ first offer and don’t deal with claims management companies.’

We are frequently consulted by claimants who have either handled their claims themselves to the point of receiving an offer of settlement from insurers, or have had their claims handled poorly by non-specialist lawyers.  Only after taking advice do claimants realise they were at risk of accepting a low offer, or had other heads of claim available to them that had not previously been considered.

If you require specialist advice in relation to your claim, please contact a member of our team.