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GMC Whistle-blowing Hotline Launched

Doctors reporting concerns about patient safety

The General Medical Council launched a confidential telephone service in December 2012 for both doctors and members of the public who are worried about patient safety or other serious issues.

In addition, the GMC has also recently provided an online decision aid to help doctors report their concerns about colleagues in a confidential manner.

These measures are a welcome sign that doctors are recognising their duty to put patients’ interests first and to act to protect them at all times, overriding any personal and professional loyalties toward colleagues.

Since its launch, the GMC hotline has led to 12 investigations into allegations of a “very serious” nature. As reported by the BBC (, a total of 187 calls have been received since the service began in December, of which 1 in 7 are thought to be sufficiently serious to warrant GMC investigations.

The GMC’s hotline and internet service comes in the wake of the Raising & Acting on Concerns guidance issued by the GMC to all doctors in March 2012.

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