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Succesfully tackling anti-social behaviour

The Clarke Willmott LLP Housing and Asset Management team acting on behalf of a large housing association based in Bristol recently secured a without notice anti-social behaviour injunction in the Bath County Court against a tenant who had conducted a persistent and sustained course of anti-social behaviour against another tenant of the association.

The team, working with the housing association, had already successfully secured a possession order following a hearing in the Bristol County Court took further action when this tenant turned his attention to another tenant of the housing association who lived nearby. The behaviour included threatening to steal her belongings to finance a drug addiction, threats to harm her and attempting to gain access to her flat in the early hours of the morning. He had harassed this tenant to such an extent that she required a police escort to do her grocery shopping and was facing the prospect of moving to a safe house.

The team worked closely with the housing association to prepare the urgent without notice injunction application to stop this behaviour. The application was put before a judge in the Bath County Court and upon considering the evidence before him, the judge granted an anti-social behaviour injunction with an attached power of arrest.

The court made a final order at a further hearing and the tenant has now also been evicted from his former home. This case illustrates that without notice injunction applications do provide a solution in appropriate cases, especially where housing associations and their lawyers work efficiently together to achieve the right outcome.

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