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Retail Line – Spring 2016

Welcome to the Spring edition of Retail Line.

Spring is one of the key seasons for driving trade in the retail and leisure sectors. As we have recently seen, some parts of the retail sector are currently struggling with a tough market, so, as the weather gradually starts to improve, hopefully there will be a corresponding demand for goods and leisure activity.

It is also an important time of year for our property teams and this month we are hosting our annual property conferences. In this edition of Retail Line our experts consider why it is essential to give accurate replies to enquiries before contract and the circumstances where a landowner will be liable for flood damage to their neighbour’s land; our employment adviser discusses service occupancy where an employer provides accommodation for an employee; and one of our mediators, Peter McHugh, looks at the benefits of using Mediation in construction disputes.

We hope you find these topics interesting; please contact us if you need more information on any subject.

Retail Line – Spring 2016

  • Did I really mean that?
  • “Après loi, le deluge” – Landowners’ liability for flood damage
  • Resolving construction disputes through mediation
  • Service occupancy: Are you providing accommodation for your employees?
  • Commercial litigation: Don’t make promises you can’t keep
  • New EU data protection regulation means big changes for business