Putting Children First - Dispute Resolution Week 2015

“Putting Children First” during Dispute Resolution Week 2015

Family lawyers across the country, including the Clarke Willmott family team, will be participating in Dispute Resolution Week from 23 to 27 November 2015.

The week, which is designed to raise awareness of non-court based methods of dealing with family law disputes, is coordinated by Resolution, a national body of family lawyers committed to a constructive and non-confrontational approach to dispute resolution.

Non-court methods of dispute resolution such as mediation and collaborative law, or simply adopting a more conciliatory approach to matters, can help parties reduce the stress involved in a dispute, as well as keep costs down.

This year’s theme for the awareness week is “putting children first” which is a principle all family practitioners must consider when dealing with all aspects of family law. Resolution have undertaken research into young people’s views of divorce and separation and the results will be announced and discussed during the week.

Resolution will use the research to promote the need for a Parenting Charter, which will addresses what children should be able to expect from their parents if they are separating and what in turn separating parents need to do in the interests of the children. The Charter will ask practitioners and parents alike to agree that children have the right to:

  • Be at the centre of any decisions made about their lives;
  • Feel and be loved and cared for by both parents;
  • Know and have contact with both sides of their families;
  • Support and encouragement in all aspects of their lives;
  • Form and express their own views; and
  • Be kept informed about matters in an age appropriate way.

If you would like any further information in relation to Resolution, The Parenting Charter or any method of dispute resolution, please do contact a member of our family team.

Clarke Willmott’s family team are experienced in dealing with disputes in relation to children upon separation, alongside all other aspects of divorce and family law and are committed to dealing with disputes in the most appropriate way, and ideally out of court.