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Patent Box – a box of delights?

1 April 2013 will see the introduction of the “UK Patent Box”

The name is a bit of a misnomer in that although the regime covers patents it also covers other less common intellectual property rights such as plant variety rights. Under this new regime, a company paying corporation tax in the UK has the possibility to reduce its tax bill and this reduction could be significant. Instead of a corporation tax rate of 23%, profits earned from products and services covered by certain qualifying intellectual property rights will be taxed at 10%, phased in over five years; so far so good…

However in order to benefit from this “Patent Box of delights”, action should be taken now to review what proportion of a company’s income, if any, may be attributed to products or services protected by any qualifying intellectual property rights. The rules are generous, but a company must opt in to qualify for the reduced rate. Crucially, patent protection, previously dismissed as too expensive, or indeed never even considered, now has real potential, not only as a valuable asset for a business, but as an integral part of a tax saving strategy. As such, it is more important than ever for companies to regularly review their intellectual property portfolios and strategies for dealing with the same.

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