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Brexit implications

The result of the EU Referendum on 23 June clearly has huge impacts for UK residents and businesses.

Whilst the referendum has now determined that Britain should leave the EU, we haven’t yet done so. Furthermore the detailed process for doing so remains unclear. It is, however, clear that any legislative changes will not be immediate and in fact may take many years to come into force.

Many organisations will now speculate wildly on the potential implications of Brexit. Clarke Willmott on the other hand won’t engage in broad brush, wholesale commentary. There are many questions raised by the referendum decision and in practice Brexit is the new “business as usual”.

Clarke Willmott is successful as a result of the expert legal advice provided to individual clients and businesses across a range of market sectors by our specialist teams. This has not changed. As always our expert lawyers are available for consultation and advice on specific issues arising as a result of the referendum decision. We can help you to understand the actual or likely impacts for your specific circumstance.

You can follow Clarke Willmott’s blogs and articles relating to the legal implications for businesses and individuals following the EU referendum decision via our News & Articles page.

One area that has immediately come into focus is in relation to “what will this mean for employers of or employees who come from the European Economic Area?” Our employment experts have provided the following guidance for businesses and individuals.

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