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Are people in your plan?

I bet you’ve got a business plan? Or something on paper which maps out where you want the business to go over the next three to five years? You may even have an exit strategy that you’ve deliberated long and hard over and identified a trigger within it, which will determine whether and when you sell or not. But have you got a people strategy? Have you identified how your people will deliver your business plan? Possibly not and you wouldn’t be alone. We meet with a range of businesses who are entirely clear on the direction of travel and growth for their business but they haven’t always identified how they’re going to recruit, retain and drive their people to deliver it.

Why have an HR strategy?

An HR strategy is about aligning your people and their functions to the overall aims and objectives of the Company.

An HR strategy will identify the potential impact of the business’ strategy on the people, and highlight the HR priorities necessary to execute and implement the business strategy. It outlines how the people will deliver the business objectives.

What’s the value to the business?

One of the key success factors of high performing organisations is putting their people first. HR priorities aligned with your business goals will help your business achieve financial and commercial objectives a lot quicker and more effectively than without. It will also enable you to communicate a clear message to teams and employees about what is expected of them.

Top 5 tips to developing your HR strategy

  1. Keep it simple
  2. Translate the organisation’s objectives into an actionable HR plan
  3. Identify the practical HR initiatives that will help deliver the plan
  4. Focus on value-adding activities to support the execution of the business objectives
  5. Make it happen, report on and review its effectiveness

How we can support

Our expertise within our Employment and HR team enables us to support employers in developing an effective and meaningful HR strategy. Working closely with our clients to understand their business, we can develop a strategy with realistic recommendations to ensure your people are aligned with the direction of your business.

For more information on our HR consultancy offering please contact Bex Sinclair, Head of the HR Consultancy Team on 0345 209 1831 or email bex.sinclair@clarkewillmott.com