A smiling carer chats with an elderly lady

Support for carers

The BBC recently reported that a spike in the number of deaths in England and Wales last year was due to an increase in dementia. People living with dementia often have a reduced immune system so they are particularly vulnerable to respiratory diseases, such as flu, which can be a devastating illness.

The report did not, however, discuss the impact of flu on the carer. If you are caring for an individual with dementia, not being able to fully support the individual can be difficult for everyone concerned. The Care Act 2014 entitles you to a Carer’s Assessment which will look at how caring affects your life, including your health, and whether you are able or willing to carry on caring for the individual who needs care.  The aim of the assessment is to help you get the support that you need and is an opportunity to discuss all of your needs.

It is important that carers do not overlook their own health issues, and if illness strikes unexpectedly, you should know what support and services are available both for you and the person you are caring for – whether that is respite care or a few additional hours a day from a care agency.

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