A smiling carer chats with an elderly lady

“Reward points? That will do nicely”

The consumer is gradually going to see new providers of legal services entering the market.  The opening of legal centres in WH Smiths, the CO-OP and other outlets will no doubt offer a convenient way for everyday products like lasting powers of attorney and wills to be purchased.

Stacey Solomon has certainly been kept busy opening law firms up under the new  QualitySolicitors banner.  Her appearance in Hull recently to open a new addition to the brand has, according to their Chief Executive,  “transformed the opening of these branches from something of passing interest to a major event for the City of Hull and for Beverley”.

Good for Hull and Beverley.

As one fan said “it’s great that QualitySolicitors Lockings have brought a star like Stacey to Hull.  It shows how much they care about the local people…”

The big question is – did she buy a Will?