Dying Awareness Week: signing up as an organ donor

I recently spent a fascinating afternoon in The Wohl Pathology Museum in Edinburgh, which includes an extensive collection of organs meticulously preserved in jars. These items were used for teaching in the early days of surgery and they demonstrate the truly amazing way that the body works and how each organ plays a pivotal role.

These organs have been invaluable in teaching generations of surgeons how to make people better, but the display also made me appreciate the very practical ways we use them, in the form of organ donation.

Do your loved ones know what is to happen to your organs after your death? If you want them to be used for organ donation, simply carrying a card is not enough. It is important that your family is aware of your wishes and, like your funeral wishes, talking about them is important. An attorney under a health LPA, or someone putting into effect wishes from an advance decision, needs to know the wishes of an individual who would like their organs to be used for organ donation, or indeed for medical science.

No matter your wishes, make sure you convey them – do continue the #BigConversation.  

If you or a relative need advice regarding elderly care issues or making a Will then contact a member of our Trusts, Wills and Estates Team.