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Court of Protection panel deputy in Bristol

On 4 April the Court of Protection published their new list of panel deputies.

So what is a Court of Protection panel deputy? And how many are there in the Bristol area? I get asked this question quite regularly. I think it is partly because a number of local lawyers seem to think they are on the panel when they are not!

Here is the list panel deputy list.

As you can see I am the only Court of Protection panel deputy in Bristol.  There is then one in Bath and another in Plymouth.

The  Court put together the approved professional deputy list to refer families in situations where nobody closer to the Client is willing or able to act.  There are times when it is due to family conflict or disagreements.

As a panel deputy the most important aspect of the role is to always act in the best interests of the individual and consult with the family.  It is not always possible to agree with all the family especially if their views are at odds.  One has to always return to what is best for the individual.

If I am appointed I act personally.  There are legal bodies called trust corporations who can take up the role but most families want to know the particular person they are going to deal with and make sure they have confidence in them before the process begins.  A trust corporation can feel impersonal and create uncertainty about who will be handling matters.

For further information about panel deputies or other Court of Protection issues please contact Anthony Fairweather or a member of our Court of Protection team.