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Taunton Hospital Eye Operation Fears

The medical director of Musgrove Park Hospital, Dr Colin Close, has admitted that patients may pursue compensation claims in respect of injury suffered  by a group of more than 30 patients who had cataract surgery at the hospital earlier this month and is quoted as saying that “if people are due compensation they should get it”.

Musgrove Park Hospital engaged Vanguard Healthcare to carry out the operations to reduce a backlog cataract removals. The surgery was carried out in a mobile unit at the day surgery centre but four days into the expected 400 operations the contract was terminated by Musgrove due to the unusually high level of complications, including blurred vision and swollen corneas.

With only 1 in a 100 normally expected to suffer complications from such procedures, a rate of problems amongst almost 50%of patients at Musgrove proved too much for the hospital authorities.

“Their prompt action in terminating the services of Vanguard, instigating an investigation and being open about the failings is responsible and welcome” commented Chris Thorne, partner at Clarke Willmott LLP in Taunton, specialising in cases of clinical negligence, “ I am pleased to note that they are offering patients a high degree of support, even before the legal obligation to share such information with patients has come into force”.

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