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Olympic Games to open with Agriculture

The Opening Ceremony of the London Olympics is set to feature the British Countryside, including a farmer tilling a field in the middle of the stadium, together with real sheep, cows, horses and other animals grazing whilst families picnic and children play sports on the village green.  Over a billion people worldwide are expected to watch the opening ceremony, which takes place on 27 July.  The countryside theme will feature during the first portion of the opening ceremony, which will start with the ringing of Europe’s largest bell inside the stadium and conclude with the arrival of the Olympic Flame.

Clarke Willmott’s agriculture team is pleased to see the London Olympic Committee’s recognition that the countryside is a vital part of modern Britain.  Comparisons to the spectacle of Beijing’s 2008 opening ceremony are inevitable, but we hope that the ceremony next month will show off Britain’s rich history and vibrant culture, including our thriving rural communities.

What do you think – will the Opening Ceremony rival that of Beijing? Will it do us all proud?

(NB Image above used by permission of LOCOG)