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Mobile field shelter warning

£1,230 fine for failing to move a mobile field shelter.

Horse & Hound reported in last week’s edition on a horse owner from West Wales being fined £1,230 for failing to move his mobile field shelters regularly.  This is reported to be the first conviction of its kind and is likely to set a precedent for Local Authorities across the country.

The horseowner erected two field shelters last year.  A planning officer later wrote to him advising that the mobile shelters were deemed to be permanent and had to be moved.  The mobile shelters were not moved and so the fine was enforced.

It is widely recognised that mobile structures must be moved several times a year to avoid prosecution, however, in reality this is unlikely to happen.  The council spokesman in this instance stated: “if the mobile structure sits in the same position for several months it forms a degree of permanence.  We expect them to be moved at least five or six times a year.”

This precedent is likely to affect horseowners, landowners and farmers alike and it will be interesting to see if anymore fines are imposed around the country in the near future.