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Equine Law Services

Clarke Willmott now offers an all encompassing equine legal service for horse riders, horse owners, equestrian businesses and anyone with an interest in horses.

Areas of equine law the equine team can assist in are:

Equestrian Property

  • Purchase and sale of equestrian property and land
  • Equestrian business tenancies
  • Equestrian landlord and tenant issues
  • Equine diversification projects
  • Grazing licences
  • Profitá prendre
  • Rights of way over equestrian land
  • Planning issues and change of use for equestrian land

Equine Contracts

  • Livery agreements: DIY, part, full, working
  • Equine sale contracts
  • Equine purchase contracts
  • Equine loan agreements
  • Equine training agreements
  • Stud/nomination agreements
  • Syndicate agreements
  • Liability disclaimers
  • Groom employment contracts
  • General employment advice

Equine Disputes

  • Horse sale and purchase disputes
  • Loan disputes
  • Livery disputes
  • Syndicate disputes
  • Equine property litigation
  • Equine insurance claims and defence
  • Construction disputes for schools, stables and barns
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)


  • Personal injury for horseriders and horse claims
  • Defending equestrian dispute litigation
  • Family/matrimonial involving horses
  • Horse passport regulations
  • Import/export regulations for horses
  • Transportation regulations for horses
  • Partnership agreements for equestrian businesses
  • Equine tax issues
  • Horse welfare
  • Limitation liability

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