Equine law

A reminder of our equine law services

Clarke Willmott’s Equine Law Team can assist with all areas of equine law enquiries including:-

Equestrian Property Transactions

  • Purchase and sale of equestrian property and land
  • Equestrian business tenancies
  • Equestrian landlord and tenant issues
  • Equine diversification projects
  • Grazing licences
  • Profit á prendre
  • Rights of way over equestrian land
  • Planning issues and change of use for equestrian land

Equine Contracts

  • Livery agreements: DIY, part, full, working
  • Equine sale contracts
  • Equine purchase contracts
  • Equine loan agreements
  • Equine training agreements
  • Stud/nomination agreements
  • Syndicate agreements
  • Liability disclaimers
  • Groom employment contracts
  • General employment advice

Equine Disputes

  • Horse sale and purchase disputes
  • Loan disputes
  • Livery disputes
  • Syndicate disputes
  • Equine property litigation
  • Equine insurance claims and defence
  • Construction disputes for schools, stables and barns
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)


  • Personal injury for horseriders and horse claims
  • Defending equestrian dispute litigation
  • Family/matrimonial involving horses
  • Horse passport regulations
  • Import/export regulations for horses
  • Transportation regulations for horses
  • Partnership agreements for equestrian businesses
  • Equine tax issues
  • Horse welfare
  • Limitation liability